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Dioptase, also known as diopside, was a small semi-precious stone[4] that had unusual healing properties.[5]


These deep emerald-green stones were typically found in small crystals that were riddled with flaws and only yielded tiny faceted gems.[4] Because dioptase was soft and brittle, it found uses in items that were not expected to be subject to rough handling, such as decorating figurines or fancy lace.[5] Larger specimens were extremely rare and commanded higher prices.[1] A typical stone had a base value of 50 gp.[1][2][3]


Dioptase gems could be used to make a potion that acted similar to a potion of healing. They dissolved in any liquid that was actively enchanted with any spell. The process took about twenty minutes to complete, and the liquid had to stay enchanted for at least that amount of time. For every dioptase gem dissolved, the potion would restore a minimum amount of health to the creature that drank it.[5]



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