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Dire boars, also known as giant boars[1][5] or elotheridae,[5] were a type of unusually large and aggressive boar.[3]


Unlike ordinary pigs, dire boars were vicious and would attack any creature that approached.[5]


Dire boars typically tried to charge their opponents and gore them with their tusks.[3][2]


Giant boars, much like regular boars, traveled in groups known as "sounders."[2] The number of giant boars in a sounder varied, but oftentimes it totaled up to eight.[5]


Giant boars were an omnivorous species.[2][5]


In northwest Faerûn, these creatures could be found in Neverwinter Wood.[6] In the Shining South they were known to inhabit the Channath Vale and the Forest of Amtar.[7]

Beyond Faerûn, dire boars were known to inhabit the moors, deciduous forests, and coniferous forests of the Moonshae Isles.[8] As well as the land of Chult.[9] In Anauroch, they could occasionally be found in the fertile areas of the Plain of Standing Stones.[10][11]


Some humanoid races were known to domesticate dire boars, such as orcs and dwarves, the latter of which referred to their dire boar mounts as "thundertusks." However, domestication was a difficult process, and after being domesticated dire boars were still known to be quite fierce and dangerous.[2]

Notable Dire Boars[]


Dire boars were a favored animal of the deity Bahgtru.[14]




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