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Dire charm was an enchantment spell that caused one person to go on a murderous rampage.[1]


Similar to charm person, this spell worked on humanoid creatures of medium size or smaller. The spell operated by making the subject believe they really enjoyed killing, whereupon they would immediately attack with berserker fury the nearest person other than the caster, friend or foe. The subject used the quickest and deadliest means available and continued until all potential targets were eliminated. If no targets were available, the subject reverted to normal behavior as if nothing was wrong. If a new target was spotted before the spell expired, the subject again launched an attack with intent to kill.[1]

The subject of this spell would not attack the caster unless the caster attacked the subject, in which case the subject would single-mindedly attempt to kill the caster and no one else.[1]


Verbal, somatic, and material components were required to cast this spell.[note 1]


This spell was revealed in the publication Volo's Guide to All Things Magical.[2]



  1. The sourcebook does not mention what the material component is. Perhaps that is a good thing.