A dire hawk was a much larger and more powerful version of a hawk.[1][2]


A typical dire hawk was 5 feet (150 centimeters) long and had a 11‑foot-long (3.4‑meter) wingspan,[1] but they could also be found in much larger sizes.[1][2] They had bony protrusions on the top of their beaks and long trailing tail feathers.[1]


Dire hawks had excellent vision, just like their smaller cousins, and the ability to see in dim light. They were incredibly strong, dexterous, and robust and were swift fliers.[1]


These birds of prey hunted animals the size of pigs.[1]


The exceptionally strong creatures had no trouble taking down their prey, raking with their sharp talons and biting.[1]


They were known to nest in large groups, close to the Dragonspine Mountains.[2]


Particularly large specimens of dire hawks were employed by the Moonsea skysentinels as aerial scouts and were made part of their military tactics, such as swooping in, attacking foes, and then flying away at a quick pace.[2]

Such dire hawks were loyal to their masters, carrying them in combat or fighting side-by-side. Some of them had close relationships with druids, such as Joatra Stelmar.[2]




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