A dire wolf is a dire version of a grey wolf. They are encountered individually, or in packs of between five and eight creatures. They are found in any non-aquatic or non-desert environment.[1]

Physical description

Grey or black in colour, dire wolves are about eight feet (2.4m) long, and weigh around 700lb (318kg). They have a good sense of smell. They also are good listeners, and their bodies have adapted to be easily hidden and quiet. Their eyes are slightly stronger than those of humans.


Dire wolves fight in packs, surrounding a foe, and flanking it to gain the upper hand. Their only attack is their bite, but they are quite capable of pulling enemies to the floor once they have bitten hold of them.[2]

Relations with other monsters and characters

  • Certain spells can summon dire wolves
  • Dire wolves can become animal companions to certain characters
  • Certain characters can turn into dire wolves
  • Greater barghests can turn into dire wolves
  • Vampires can turn into dire wolves.[2]


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