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A diseased man being treated by a healer

A disease was a detrimental medical condition that was not an injury.[1]


A disease could be transmitted in various ways: injury, ingestion, inhalation, or mere contact.[1]

Once infected, the disease took hold in a body that was not of strong enough constitution. After an incubation period, the disease showed its symptoms, which persisted until the host was cured of the disease or died of it.[1]

Diseases on Toril[]

On Toril, widespread plagues were mostly a problem of the past by the 14th century DR.[2]

The reason for this was that diseases turned into widespread plagues when a population had never encountered them before. Toril had a long history of interracial intermingling and even crossbreeding. People were exposed to various diseases since childhood and therefore developed immunities and, being the descendants of survivors of plagues, they also inherited immunities from their ancestors. Overall, widespread plagues were not a problem in urban areas but more in isolated rural areas.[2]

Treatment on Toril[]

Official Level
Another reason why plagues were contained was that preventive treatment was done on an official level by the priesthood and/or rulers. This was done either through official enforcement or by secretly mixing medical substances into food and water. People who were strangers and obviously afflicted were generally killed, at least in frontier regions.[2]
Personal Level
On a personal level, people had no real medical knowledge and therefore relied first and foremost on experience, re-using methods that had helped themselves or close associates in the past, and second on the counsel of elders and the like.[2]

Information on Toril[]

As a general rule, the people of Faerûn had at least some knowledge about how certain diseases were transmitted and had a shared understanding of the matter. What they were in disagreement about were the treatment methods. There were at least two reasons for this. First, there was the aforementioned reliance on personal experience, and second, there was false information that was intentionally spread, such as by followers of Talona.[2]

List of Diseases[]

The most common diseases were:[3]

Name Other names Infection Incubation
Blacklung fever none Inhalation 1 day
Blacktongue none Ingestion 1 to 4 days
Darkrot Gangrene Injury 1 day
Featherlung none Inhalation 1 to 3 days
Fleshrot none Contact 1 to 4 days
Green rot Scaly death Injury 1 day
Marsh fever Sallar, typhus Injury 3 to 18 days
Shaking fever none Contact 2 days
Shaking plague
Spotted plague none Contact 1 day
Whitewasting Leprosy Contact 5 years
Winterchill fever Pneumonia Contact 1 to 6 days