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Dispel evil was an abjuration spell that protected the caster from evil attacks, could banish summoned evil creatures, or dispel enchantments cast by evil spellcasters.[1][3][4] The reverse of this spell, dispel good, had the same effects on good attacks, creatures, and enchantments.[3][4][7]


The newer versions of this spell had three possible effects,[1][3][4] the oldest version had only two.[7] All versions made it very difficult for a creature of evil alignment to successfully attack the caster. This lasted for the duration of the spell, or until another effect was used, whichever came first.[1][3][4][7] While the spell was in effect, a bright white field of holy energy shimmered around the caster.[1]

All versions also allowed the caster a chance to banish an evil creature, but varied on what manner of creatures could be affected. The two older versions worked on evil summoned creatures, or any monster that was forced to do evil deeds. These included aerial servants, demons, devils, djinn, elementals, invisible stalkers, and creatures or monsters summoned by animal summoning I or monster summoning I and the like.[3][4][7] The newest version only worked on evil creatures from another plane.[1] All versions sent the target back to where they came from after a successful melee touch attack and overcoming any resistance by the creature. Using this effect ended dispel evil.[1][3][4][7]

Finally, the newer versions of this spell allowed the caster to automatically dispel magic on one evil spell or an enchantment cast by an evil creature, disregarding all resistance. Only effects that could be affected by dispel magic could also be affected by this spell. Using this effect also ended dispel evil.[1][3][4]


Verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell. The newest version also used the caster's (un)holy symbol or divine focus,[1] while the older versions required (un)holy water.[3][4][7]

Related Spells[]

In the time of the empire of Netheril, the less powerful spells protection from evil and magic circle against evil were called, after their inventor, M'dhal's dispel evil and M'dhal's dispel evil II.[9][10]