Divine seeker is a special prestige class on Faerûn. Divine seekers are stealthy characters dedicated to the service of their patron deity and church. They are called to perform different missions, like spying on enemy churches, retrieving holy relics or even assassination of heretics.[1] Most skillful divine seekers can perform a mission without leaving any evidence of their church's involvement. They are also trained specifically in the ways of thwarting magical traps, and like rogues they are capable of performing sneak attacks.[2]


Sacred Stealth
Divine seekers use this ability to call upon their patron deity's power to increase their stealth.[2]
Sacred Defense
More experienced champions become more protected from divine spells and the supernatural abilities of outsiders.[2]
Locate Creature/Object
As their namesake implies, divine seekers are also to call upon a spell-like ability to locate creatures and objects.[2]
Divine Perseverance
When a seeker is brought low, she immediately heals thanks to her patron deity's blessing.[2]

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