Djangkong were a type of memedi native to Kara-Tur.[1]


Djangkong were incorporeal and resembled a human skeleton with transparent bones and black teeth.[1]


If a human who led a life of good was buried in an isolated area, djangkong were known to temporarily inhabit the area, to keep the deceased spirit company until it traveled to the spirit world.[1]


Like all common memedi, djangkong were harmless and avoided all combat.[1]


If a human saw a djangkong, they were struck with an effect similar to that of a fear spell. The area within a djankong's crypt was permanently protected from evil.[1]


Djangkong were solitary creatures. They were lured to crypts by humans to act as guardians. There were several preparations one had to take to attract a djangkong to a crypt. Small carvings of native animals had to be placed as a trail that led to the crypt. The corners of the crypt had to contain a small tse' stone that defined the area of the crypt.[1]


Djangkong were native to Kara-Tur and most often encountered on the island of Bawa and other islands within the Island Kingdoms. They preferred to dwell within isolated crypts that were surrounded by tall trees.[1]


Djangkong who occupied a family's crypt had to be given annual offerings of a broom, a bundle of incense sticks, a hoe, meat, vegetables, and a sack containing coins of gold and silver. Djangkong kept their crypt and surrounding area clean and weeded by using the broom and hoe.[1]




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