The Djen were one of the two major subethnicities of the Calishites. They formed the ruling class of Calimshan.[1]


Djen humans were shorter and duskier-skinned than most other people groups,[1][2] including other Calishites,[1] with dark brown hair and eyes as well.[1] Occasionally, a Djen with red or lighter hair or blue or green eyes would be born; this child was always considered a sign of the favor of the gods.[1]

When a Djen produced children with other races or ethnic groups, Djen features tended to dominate in the offspring.[1]


The Djen were descendants of the human slaves brought by Calim[1] in about −7800 DR.[2] They most likely had ethnic roots in the lands of Zakhara,[2] This human people group takes its name from the Djen,[2] which included not only the human slaves but also the whole group of genies and their servants of other races.[2] After the fall of Calim, the Djen became the nobles and rulers of Calimshan.[1] Unlike the Tethans, this grouping of people tended to intermarry less frequently and were thus considered more "pure".[1] About 30% of humans in Calimshan were members of this racial group.[1]




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