Djerad Kethendi (the Fortress of Gems in Draconic[2]) was a Tymantheran port city in the Alamber Sea.[1]


Djerad Kethendi was composed of three white pyramids constructed on the southern shore of the Alamber Sea's estuary.[2]


The dragonborn constructed Djerad Kethendi to the south of the ruins of Unthalass.[3]

After the Second Sundering, on Nightal 26 of 1486 DR, Djerad Kethendi was one of the two tymantheran big settlements that remained on Toril, alongside Djerad Thymar.[4] Soon after, the Untherite forces led by Gilgeam tried to conquer Djerad Kethendi in an attempt to recover the ruins of Unthalass,[5] and laid siege to the city, starting the First Tymanther-Unther War.[6] The siege was broken when Nanna-Sin was resurrected by Asmodeus, and a dragon turtle servant of Nanna-Sin destroyed the Untherite navy.[7] As of 1489 DR, the dragon turtle was still protecting Djerad Kethendi against Untherite attacks.[1]



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