Djerad Kusold (the Fortress of Kusold in Draconic) was a ruined dragonborn city in Melabrauth.[1]


Before the Blue Breath of Change, Djerad Kusold was a city that served as home for the slave dragonborn population of Melabrauth.[1]

During the Wailing Years, the dragonborn of Djerad Kusold were able to get enough dragonbane amber to start a rebellion against their dragon masters. The city became a fortress for the leaders of the rebellion. The city was later destroyed by Melauthaur the Undying One, who used powerful Dawn Titan magic to swallow Djerad Kusold under the earth.[1]

In the later years of the 15th century DR, many dragonborn adventurers risked their lives exploring the jungles of Melabrauth in hopes to find the ruins of Djerad Kusold.[1]