Doc cu'o'c (pronounced: /dk kɔːkdok koo-awk[4]) were a race of greater spirits native to Kara-Tur.[2][1][3]


The doc cu'o'c was one of the strangest-looking creatures on Toril. It appeared as a male human, cut in half. Standing on one leg, a doc cu'o'c always appeared carrying a glowing axe. Their facial features and clothing matched those of the humans in the area it lived in.[2][1][3]


While peaceful by nature, doc cu'o'c were the bane of evil spirits. They aggressively protected their region against evil spirits. The glowing axe they carried was capable of delivering a severe electrical shock.[2][1][3]


A doc cu'o'c could cast, once a day, cure blindness, cure disease, oath, remove curse and remove paralysis. Three times a day they could cast become astral and control weather. At will, they could cast invisibility on themselves and see any invisible objects. Powerful in melee combat, if the doc cu'o'c began losing a battle, it used its innate invisibility ability to flee.[2][1][3]


Inhabitants of a region may petition a doc cu'o'c to take up residence in their area. Whether a single house or a large village, a doc cu'o'c would protect the area against evil spirits. The inhabitants of the area were required to make regular offerings to the doc cu'o'c and conduct ceremonial worship. Fond of gems and coins, doc cu'o'c also accepted food and trinkets. If people in an area neglected their duties, the doc cu'o'c would be offended, leave the area, and never return. A doc cu'o'c protected the land of its territory; aid given to people was a byproduct of this. They drove off evil spirits and caused good weather that benefited farming. They rarely became directly involved with the inhabitants or other mortals.[2][1][3]


The diet of a doc cu'o'c consisted of energy from the Astral Plane. Their existence depended on spending at least 24 hours a month in their lair on the Astral Plane.[2][1]


They stored their offerings and treasure, as well as things taken from slain evil spirits, in their lair.[2][1][3]

If the lair was somehow robbed, the doc cu'o'c would become enraged and return to the Prime Material plane and use its magic to cause chaos and destruction over the land it had once protected. Then it would leave and never return.[1][3]





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