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The Dodkong (meaning "Deathking" in Giant[2]) was the stone giant ruler of Cairnheim, and also a powerful lich.[3]


Dodkong was considered an enemy by the illithid outcast Qooql and his allies the Clan Ironhand dwarves, who he has motivated into raising an army to one day drive the giants out of the region.[4]


Grugaran was an old and frail stone giant when he recovered the artifact known as the Crown of Obadai from human tomb robbers. He and his young lover had a plan to turn themselves into liches using the ancient stone giant artifact, so that they could rule over a reborn Nedeheim. Unfortunately, when Grugaran first attempted to use it, the crown killed his young lover. Now a heartless lich, Grugaran declared himself Dodkong and set about his goal. He gathered the displaced stone giant clans of Nedeheim and with them, he refounded the kingdom, calling it Cairnheim.[3]

The Dodkong ruled his kingdom through fear. He considered wherever he was feared to be part of his kingdom and as such commanded several hill giant clans and collected tribute from several human settlements in the region. In addition, should he choose to call upon them, he could also command several large tribes of orcs and hobgoblins to fight for him.[1]