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Dogs were canines prevalent throughout Toril.[4]


Dogs were a race of both wild and domesticated animals that were found all over the world. They came in a variety of breeds, sizes, and appearances.[4]


They are extremely numerous and have been domesticated for use amongst the humanoid races.[4]


Some of the best-trained dogs are trained by the elven House Korianthil.[5]


A white-furred sled dog breed.[6]
A huge shaggy dog.[7]
A golden-furred sled dog breed.[6]
A black-furred sled dog breed.[6]

Other SpeciesEdit

Blink dog 
Intelligent canines with an inherent teleportation ability.[citation needed]
Frenzy dog 
The creation of an evil druidic spell in the deep forest of Chondalwood.[4]
A cross-breed between a snake and a dog, native to the jungles of Chult and domesticated by the yuan-ti.[4]


Dogs were considered special animals to many deities. Hunting dogs in particular were favored by Anhur and Marthammor Duin. Tiny lap dogs were considered blessed by Savras. Arvoreen, the Red Knight, and Tempus all preferred war dogs. Dogs with gray fur were sacred to both Azuth and Mask, while black dogs were sacred to Bane, brown dogs to Cyrrollalee, and white to Deneir. Mystra favored dogs of all varieties, and intelligent dogs were known to live in the celestial realms of Nephthys, Rillifane Rallathil, and Sharindlar.[8]


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