Dolblunde was founded in 232 DR by several rock and deep gnome clans led by Olbrent Handstone.[1]


Dolblunde was located in the Upper Northdark under the hills northeast of Waterdeep.[2] It could be accessed by tunnels from Maiden's Tomb Tor and Undermountain. There was also a water- and mud-filled tunnel at the bottom of the River Dessarin that the dracolich, Daurgothoth, used to enter and leave Dolblunde unobserved.[2][3]


Dolblunde joined the kingdom of Phalorm when it was formed in 523 DR[4] but was sacked and pillaged by the Everhorde in 614 DR. The survivors allied themselves with Delimbiyran the following year.[5] In 698 DR, the city was attacked yet again by priests and worshipers of Urdlen[6]; their human allies would not come to their aid since they were too busy fighting a civil war and repelling orc raiders. With no help forthcoming, the remaining gnomes abandoned the city and the Northlands for a safer home.[7] In 1253 DR the city became the lair of the dracolich Daurgothoth.[8]



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