Dolorous decay was a necromancy spell that was often used by the evil priests of Myrkul.[1]


The spell could only be cast on a single creature, providing they were already injured. The range of the spell scaled with the experience of the cleric. When cast, the creature would experience withering of their body, spreading out from their existing injuries.[1]

Dolorous decay was not impossible for beings to resist. However, those who were unable to became slowed and took damage proportional to the power of the caster. This rotting effect carried on, again if the creature could not resist, but the damage would lower every time the creature was unable to.[1]

Such a spell was not contagious, and only affected a single creature. When that creature died, the spell also ceased.[1]


The spell only required verbal and somatic components.[1]


For Myrkulytes, this was one of the most powerful spells their deity could grant them.[1]



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