The Dolphingulf, known locally as the Dolphingulph or Delphingulph, was a bay in the Chultan Peninsula, facing the Shining Sea, between the realms of Lapaliiya and the Tashalar.[2][3][4][1]


Lying in the shadow of the Delphin Mountains,[3][5] it was a long and shallow body of water.[1] It was so shallow that the docks of Sammaresh stretched almost half a mile (800 meters) out to sea, to where the water was sufficiently deep for a ship's draft.[6]

The abundant schools of fish attracted pods of dolphins.[1]


The city of Sammaresh, the City of Dancing Dolphins, stood at the eastern end, on a wide sandy beach before three low hills.[6]

The ruins of Procalith, destroyed in the Rage of Wizards in 1142 DR, stood at the foot of the Delphin Mountains, overlooking the Dolphingulf.[6]


An aquatic elf tribe among the undersea hills at the northern edge of the bay. The elves often went to the markets of Sammaresh to trade rare treasures of the sea.[1]


It was told that the Dolphingulf was protected by an ocean strider. However, there were no reliable reports confirming this.[1]



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