The Dome of the Rose was a monastery and temple to Lathander in the Gem District of Athkatla.[2] It was a slender, elegantly designed building that possessed a simple grace that was not typical of its surroundings.[3]

The temple was run by a Mornmaster, who was aided by eight clerics. The clergy maintained the holy site as an oasis of austere serenity amid the flurry of commerce and activity within the rest of the city. It served as a haven where the faithful of Lathander could rest, meditate and worship in peace.[3]



Fan art showing an interior view of the Dome of the Rose.

The Dome of the Rose was a three-story temple hall, capped with a dome of rose-tinted glass which glowed at dawn during the morning song and prayer services,[2] whose windows were all facing east. Outside the temple proper was a garden and orchard which were encircled by an outer wall.[3]

Ground floor
The ground floor of the temple was wider than the upper levels, by at least the size of a room all around. The north and western sides of the ground floor contained storage cellars while the south-east section had a glass-roofed conservatory.[3]

Visitors were allowed in to the temple through the west and north entrances, while monks entered via the gardens in the east and south.[3]

2nd floor
The sweeping, circular walls curved up from the ground floor to the narrow upper levels of the Rose. The ceiling of the second floor was nearly twice the height of an average house within the city.[3]
3rd floor
The topmost floor contained the Rose's main atrium, which was illuminated in radiance shining through the rose-colored from its namesake dome.[3]


While the temple granted Athkatlan Lathanderites a haven to pray and find solace, only pilgrims from far off lands and high-ranking priests and priestesses of the Morning Lord who were staying in the city less than a month were given room and board within the Dome of the Rose.[1]

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In the mid-14th cenutry DR, Mornmaster Thaddin Dawnhunter was the leading priest at the temple. He was a quiet, pious priest with little trade-sense.[2] He was aided by the shrewd, former-pirate, Brother Haladso and Sister Moraeda Dawnduth, who was said to be "touch by the god" by the Lathanderite clergy who raised her as an orphan.[1]


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