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The Domes of Reason was a temple of Oghma in the Temple District of the city of Procampur in the Vast.[1]


It was formerly the seat of Grand Patriarch Cullen Kordamant, the head of the Oghmyte church and widely recognized as the "Voice of Oghma" on Toril. However, during the Time of Troubles in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, Kordamant vanished without a trace from his home in Procampur,[2][3][1][4] as did much of his immediate clergy.[3]

The disappearance was a subject of much mystery and speculation. Unfortunately, answers from Oghma and other gods were confusing and contradictory, providing no clear solution.[2][1] Though some thought that Kordamant simply died during the chaos, others claimed that it was actually Oghma who died, and the Grand Patriarch ascended to replace him.[2] Many chose a middle-ground, admitting the possibility that the Patriarch might be on another plane or had ascended to semi-divinity.[1]

With the Oghmyte church left without an ultimate head, the mystery caused a growing split into rival factions, disagreeing along hierarchical and theological lines.[2][1][4] The Orthodox Church of Oghma, based in the Domes of Reason, stated that Kordamant had ascended to semi-divinity and was currently serving Oghma but, until the god commanded otherwise, Kordamant was still the only true Patriarch. They would not recognize any replacement. They were opposed by the Church of Oghma in Sembia and the Pursuers of Pure Knowledge in Mintar, who claimed that a new Patriarch had in fact been appointed, with their own candidates.[1][4]

Kordamant's home in Procampur became a shrine to Oghma.[5][3][4]

Circa 1369 DR, High Loremaster Librarian Estember Orntalar of the Domes was engaged in an aggressive power struggle with fellow priests to succeed the missing patriarch and become leader of the Orthodox Church of Oghma. Orntalar was apparently set to win this position.[1]


The Domes of Reason were gilded,[1] but had shining black roofs in accordance with Procampur's district rules. [6]