Don L. Daglow is a pioneer, producer, and designer of video games. Daglow has worked on several games that introduced new mechanics and features that had never been seen before. Several of such games were those set in the Forgotten Realms, and other Dungeons and Dragons campaign settings. Daglow was also the founder of the game development company, Stormfront Studios.[1]

Daglow worked on the first ever computer role-playing game, which was also based on Dungeons and Dragons rules. Specifically in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, he worked on the first ever graphical MMORPG, Neverwinter Nights, the #1 selling game in 1991, Gateway to the Savage Frontier, and the first ever roleplaying game to feature NPC romance, Treasures of the Savage Frontier. In the Neverwinter Nights MMO, a tavern in Neverwinter was named after him.[2]




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