Don Vaez was an adventurer who led Amn's second Maztican expedition. Vaez was from Calimshan and apprenticed with a thieves guild but was not a very good rogue. He later moved to Amn and became a mercenary.[1]

Cordell's expedition had maintained some communication with Amn through Bishop Domincus' magic. The Council of Six became concerned when communication with the Bishop ceased after the Bishop's death although the Council was not aware of the reason for the cessation of communication.

Vaez used the influence of a powerful noblewoman to gain a commission as leader of the second expedition. He set sail for Maztica in 1362 DR with a fleet of 25 carracks, 1,500 soldiers and two dozen minor mages. After arriving at Helmsport, Vaez imprisoned the troops Cordell had left at the fort and set about trying to find the gold Cordell had buried somewhere in the area.[1]

Several months after Don Vaez arrived at Helmsport Cordell returned with a small force. Vaez had Cordell and his men imprisoned and attempted to persuade Cordell to reveal the location of the buried gold. Shortly thereafter, Halloran arrived at the fort with a large contingent of soldiers. At the sight of the large number of soldiers outside the fort, Vaez's troops changed sides and Cordell had him arrested.[1]


Don Vaez was described as handsome with silver-blond hair.[1]


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