The hold of Dordrien was founded in the shadow of the Desertsmouth Mountains by a Jhaamdathan noble, who the settlement was named after.


Dordrien led the survivors north from the Twelve Cities of the Sword in -251 DR after the destruction of Jhaamdath in -255 DR. In the area later known as Daggerdale, the Dordrien Lords raised a sizable keep on the western slope of the Dagger Hills, which guarded a large and prosperous town nearby. Flourishing for a century or so the realm was weakened by continual orc raids and the decline of its ruling family. Eventually most of its folk drifted back to the more populated lands around the Sea of Fallen Stars. By -75 DR the town was abandoned.[1]

Few traces remained in 1372 DR to indicate any settlement existed prior to the Dalesfolk. However the crumbling foundations of Dordrien Keep lie on a barren hilltop, and the crypts of the Dordrien family can be found 2 miles north of the ruins.[2].

The Dordrien CryptsEdit

These crypts were built into the limestone caverns beneath the Dagger Hills, leading to three elaborate vaults carved from the rock. Two impressive stone mausoleums stood for many years outside. A handful of other mausoleums did not fare so well; over many years homesteaders hauled off most of the fallen stones.[3]. The natural caverns here led to the Drow outpost of Szith Morcane in the Upperdark. Drow refugees from the destroyed city of Maerimydra, circa 1372 DR, had been using these crypts as a staging ground for raids on the surface. These raids were ended by adventurers enlisted by Randal Morn.[1]

The crypts were to numerous undead Jhaamdathan nobility, plus a nest of bebiliths summoned by the drow wizard Solom Ned'razak, Archmage of Szith Morcane.[1]


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