Dorn Graybrook was a human halfiron golem adventurer who became involved in the events of the Rage of Dragons of Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR.[2][3][1]


When Dorn was nine, he and his parents were part of a merchant caravan traveling in the Moonsea region. The party was attacked by a red dragon, who killed both his parents and tore off his left limbs (and much of the surrounding flesh) before leaving him to die. The wizard who owned him and his parents transported to the site a few moments later to retrieve his merchandise. Upon finding Dorn, he saved his life by creating the golem parts that make up his left side. These had to be replaced multiple times as Dorn aged and outgrew them, which was an agonizing process.[2]

Dorn still had to serve the wizard, to pay him back for the life-saving transplants as well as the years of service his parents owed. As he grew up, the wizard trained him to be a fighter in the arena, and enchanted the golem parts for improved efficiency. After he had become a veteran arena competitor, Dorn found a way to kill the wizard and escape the city. Once he was out on his own, he began working as a mercenary, and looking for jobs that required him to kill dragons. He'd come to hate dragons more than anything else, and dedicated his life to killing every dragon around the Moonsea.[3]

By the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR, he'd made a number of allies—the arctic dwarf ranger Raryn Snowstealer, the human priest of Lathander Pavel Shemov, and the halfling scout Will Turnstone—and they have traveled with him in his eternal quest to kill dragons.[3]

However, he found himself employed by the song dragon Karasendrieth and the copper dragon Chatulio to stop a plot by the insane wizard Sammaster, who wanted to create an army of dracoliches to descend upon the world.[3]


He worshiped Malar, the Beastlord.[citation needed]


Dorn was a big person, but most of his left side was made up of metal plates and parts grafted on by the wizard who owned him when he was a boy, and this only contributed to his fearsome look. He carried a bow and quiver of arrows, and a bastard sword, when he could get one.[citation needed]


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