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Dorn Il-Khan was a half-orc blackguard who traveled across west Faerûn seeking vengeance during the mid–14th century DR. Hailing from the Spine of the World, Dorn spent many years operating as a bandit in Luskan, before being double crossed by his colleagues and left for dead. His anger at this betrayal attracted the attention of the demon Ur-Gothoz, who restored and empowered Dorn with demonic abilities, in return for his service.[1]

I am Dorn Il-Khan. I do as I will. You do not give me orders.


For Dorn, strength and self-reliance were the highest virtues. He was intensely distrustful of others, even before Simmeon's band betrayed him.[1] Owing to his difficult childhood, Dorn saw no value in familial bonds.[2]


Dorn had a difficult relationship with his parents. His human mother tried to protect Dorn from frequent beatings at the hands of other orc children, but was prevented from doing so by his father. This taught Dorn the self-reliance that he believed had served him so well as he matured. He was frequently disgusted at his mother's weakness, especially how she offered herself to men after leaving the orc tribe. He felt this reliance on others was a choice to remain a slave.[5]

He was a younger cousin of the Bhaalspawn Gromnir Il-Khan. Although both grew up as outcasts in their clan, Dorn had no sympathy for Gromnir, viewing him merely as a careless and weak opponent.[2]


Dorn owned a magical greatsword named Rancor, which grew more powerful for a time after slaying an enemy. Entirely black, and covered in inscriptions, Rancor emitted a faint humming noise in Dorn's presence.[1]


Formative years[]

Dorn Il-Khan was born in the Spine of the World,[1] into the Il-Khan tribe of orcs.[4] His father was an orc warrior, and his mother was a human slave. When their tribe was destroyed by a rival group of ogres, mother and son escaped to Luskan. As he matured, his enormous strength and reputation for violence drew the interest of a band of mercenary adventurers led by a human named Simmeon. Other members of the band included Senjak, Dorotea, and the necromancer Kryll, with whom Dorn had a love affair. The group was fairly successful, raiding ancient temples and overcoming all obstacles they encountered.[1]

Dorn in full armor.

Such was their success that rival outfits began spreading false rumors about Dorn and his companions, claiming them to be grave robbers and simple thieves. Local noblemen began sending soldiers to thwart Dorn and his companions. Hoping to stop these efforts through a show of force, Simmeon decided to raid the town of Barrow. The town's inhabitants proved feeble resistance to the mercenaries, and they were all put to the sword, women and children included. With the slaughter complete, the other members of his band turned their weapons on Dorn. They intended for him to take the blame for the massacre at Barrow, diverting suspicion away from the rest of them. The hope was that, if the local nobility believed they had captured the group's ringleader, the other members of the mercenary band would no longer be pursued.[1]

The plan worked, and Dorn was left behind defeated to assume the title of "the Butcher of Barrow" on his own. Imprisoned in a Luskan jail cell and awaiting execution, Dorn was enraged at his colleagues' betrayal. So great was his rage that it drew the attention of Ur-Gothoz, a powerful demon. Ur-Gothoz offered Dorn a bargain: in return for Dorn's service, the demon would imbue him with a portion of its own power, and aid in Dorn's revenge. Dorn accepted, becoming Ur-Gothoz's blackguard champion. He broke free from his cell, killing the guards and the people who had tormented him during his month-long stay. He vowed revenge on Senjak, Dorotea, Kryll, and Simmeon.[1]

The Crusade[]

When the lands north of Baldur's Gate and south of Waterdeep were being pillaged by the Shining Crusade, Ur-Gothoz ordered Dorn to slay the crusader priest Hormorn in the midst of an enormous religious gathering. Dorn dared not question his patron, and predictably failed at killing the priest. He was captured by another of Caelar's followers, the half-orc known as the Barghest, and found himself imprisoned yet again in a crusader camp outside of Bridgefort.[4]



"Unburdened" • Dragon+ #18: "Rancor"
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Behind the Scenes[]

In the Baldur's Gate series of video games, Dorn Il-Khan is voiced by Gord Mariott

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