Dorna Trapspringer was a female dwarf cleric and rogue. She was one of Drogan Droganson's first apprentices.[1]


Being a dwarf, Dorna was petite and had short brown hair. She carried a short sword, battleaxe, and shortbow for weapons as well as thieves' tools.[1]


Dorna was rather cynical and witty but also good-hearted. Whilst she was content studying under Drogan, she was also impatient and hoped for something exciting to happen in Hilltop so she could properly start her adventuring career. Even as they attempted to find the stolen artifacts that once belonged to Drogan, Dorna saw it as a way to potentially make money, which showed one of her motivations to be the acquisition of gold.


Drogan's apprentices all possessed a ring which allowed them to teleport themselves to Drogan's location at the cost of focus crystals.[1]


She had a competitive relationship with Xanos Messarmos, but this was mostly initiated by Xanos. Dorna was fond of Drogan and was distressed when he was hurt in the kobold attack on Hilltop. She was friendly but not overly close to another fellow apprentice, Mischa Waymeet.[1]


Dorna was born and raised in her dwarven clan in the mountains but traveled almost 200 miles on her own across the wilds of the Silver Marches upon hearing the news that Drogan was opening a school. During this journey she came across many dangers and hazards but arrived, becoming one of the first apprentices.[1]

She was present in the school during the kobold attack and contributed to the retrieval of the stolen Harper artifacts.[1]




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