Dothion was the first layer of Bytopia. It was a pastoral landscape, teeming with farms and industries.[3] The layer resembled a pre-industrial world on the Prime Material plane that was in the process of perfecting every aspect of life and work. It was the location of the Golden Hills, the divine realm of the Lords of the Golden Hills in the Great Wheel cosmology.[4]


The landscape of Dothion was orderly and domesticated. Farms prospered and grew, animals were confined to the properties of their owners, water-powered mills made high-quality flour and meal, mines yielded vast amounts of minerals, canals efficiently brought water everywhere, and roads were well traveled and well kept.[4][1]

Dothion's farmers, miners, smiths, and artisans spent their lives joyfully producing food, wooden and metal items, jewellery, and clothing from the raw materials widely available.[4] The workshops and towns were dedicated to nothing but the common good.[1]

The weather on Dothion was mild and with benign seasons. Occasionally a storm broke out from the opposite layer, Shurrock, but the climate was generally quiet throughout Dothion.[1]


Located near the central region of the layer, the city of Yeoman was the main trading post, through which all products from across Dothion were sold to travelers and caravans.[4]


Towns across the layer lacked any protective fences or walls.[1]

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