Originally a ground-based bandit hideout, the city of Doubloon was transplanted onto a flying citadel by the archwizard Tempera of Fenwick in −1645 DR (2214 NY). Tempera was impressed with the bandits' ability to counterfeit money from the various Netherese cities, and she strived to make quasi-magical devices to aid the bandits in their counterfeiting operations. Of course, this made Doubloon less than popular with the other enclaves.

In time, Doubloon became a rogue city that floated above the surface of the Netheril Empire, dodging one searching city after another. Ioulaum sent scouts to track down the city and bring Tempera to him, but the search parties were never successful in their tasks.

The city disappeared entirely in 3417 NY (−442 DR) and has not been seen since.


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