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Dougan's Hole was the smallest of the Ten Towns in Icewind Dale. It comprised a meager grouping of buildings arranged around a pair of piers, one long and one short.[3][4][5]


The town was located on the western shore of Redwaters, southwest of Good Mead. Its norther edge was marked with a path of gravel.[3]


The hamlet of Dougan's Hole was founded by Dougan Dubrace, when he found a great spot to fish on the shore of Redwaters lake.[5]

During the 1360s DR, the spokesman was Freya Grynstead, the widow of the previous spokesman who had died while fishing out on the lake. Freya lived in a house in the middle of town connected to the fishhouse by a boardwalk.[3]

Some one hundred years later, around the Year of the Iron Dwarf's Vengeance, 1485 DR, the speaker was the outspoken and gruff trapper Edgra Durmoot.[5]

Notable Locations[]

A map of Dougan's Hole.

Perhaps the only noteworthy landmark of Dougan's Hole was the megalith structure known as the Twenty Stones of Thruun. These twenty granite slabs, arranged in an equilateral triangle that overlooked the town.[3][5]




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