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Douglas Niles, also known as Doug Niles, is an author, developer and designer.[1]


Niles wrote the very first Forgotten Realms novel, Darkwalker on Moonshae, as well as the subsequent titles in the Moonshae trilogy and two further trilogies in the Forgotten Realms. Until 1982, he was a high school teacher in Clinton, Wisconsin. Heidi Gygax, daughter of D&D co-creator Gary Gygax, was in his class, and introduced him to the game around 1979.[1] In 1982, he left his teaching career for a job at TSR, Inc. and began developing adventure games,[1] for which he has won both the H.G. Wells award and the Origins award. In 1990, he left TSR to write fantasy fiction, something he continues to this day.[2]



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