Dracandros of the Crimson was an exiled Red Wizard of Thay in Battledale in 1357 DR.[2]


Dracandros was a promising but megalomaniac Red Wizard. He was stripped of all his property and exiled from Thay after he attacked a mind flayer ambassador during a dinner party.[3]

He dreamed of unleashing a new Flight of Dragons and managed to ally with the dracolich Crimdrac and to obtain the powerful Helm of Dragons.[3]

Dracandros later relocated to the small village of Hap, which he conquered thanks to his drow mercenaries and efreeti and salamander minions. At this point, Tyranthraxus offered to Dracandros to join the New Alliance and he agreed.[3]

Dracandros at last was killed by the adventuring party possessing the Azure Bonds.[4]


Dracandros was crazy. He believed himself one of the most powerful Red Wizards and did not understand the reasons for his exile. He was obsessed with unleashing a new Flight of Dragons, believing this was the key to returning in glory to Thay.[3]




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