Dracil's Raiders was an adventuring group inhabiting the Forest of Amtar in Dambrath.[1]


Though small with only ten members, this group was comprised entirely of wicked individuals who enjoyed accosting small caravans that traveled the roads located to the east of the forest. Their leader was a dwarf named Dracil.[1]


This bandit group chose their targets carefully, avoiding large and/or well-defended caravans. They preferred to extort goods and money out of smaller and weaker groups that they could surprise or intimidate without a fight.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

Dracil's Raiders camped on the eastern edge of the Amtar forest and threatened smaller trade caravans.[1]


The group possessed a variety of magical items that aided them during their raids and made them formidable opponents. At least half the band wore boots of elvenkind.[1]


The group was mostly disbanded or dead by the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[2][3]


In addition to their leader, Dracil, the band had a priest and two mages among their number.[1]



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