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A draconic creature was the second-generation or later offspring of a dragon.[1][2][3]


Draconic creatures bore subtle indications of their draconic heritage. It was sometimes not even possible to tell what type of dragon was their ancestor. Such traits often included coloration or scaliness of the skin or reptilian pupils. All draconic creatures had talon-like claws.[1][2]

Draconic creatures were sometimes mistaken for half-dragons,[1][2] but half-dragons were first-generation creatures and had much stronger draconic features and powers.[3] Half-dragons were sometimes called draconic creatures, although the term properly referred to second-generation or later offspring.[1][2][3]


Their draconic heritage granted draconic creatures greater charisma, and draconic creatures often served as leaders among their races.[1]


In addition to the weapons and fighting styles of their parents, draconic creatures could slash with their talons.[1][2]

Notable Draconic Creatures[]

The Blood of Morueme was a group that included both half-dragon and draconic hobgoblins in its numbers.[3]



  1. In 3rd edition, this inhereted template could be added to any living, corporeal creature who was not a dragon. If the base creature was an animal, the type is considered "magical beast"




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