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Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons is a sourcebook for 3.5-edition Dungeons & Dragons. It details chromatic, metallic, and other kinds of dragons and dragon-like monsters, as well as presenting options for dragon-themed and dragon-slaying adventurers.

Ancient Creatures of Legend'

Endless tomes recount epic tales illuminating the might and majesty of dragons. Formidable allies and more fearsome opponents, no other creatures have ever inspired such awe and wonder.

This lavishly illustrated supplement for the D&D® game presents a comprehensive overview of the most evocative creatures in fantasy roleplaying. Along with the physiology, psychology, personality, and society of dragons, you'll discover statistics for all ten of the classic dragons at each of their twelve age categories. With new feats, spells, magic items, and prestige classes for dragons, their allies, and those brave or foolish enough to hunt them, Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons also provides illustrated lairs for each of the classic dragons and rules for generating their all-important treasure hoards.
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abyssal drakedracolichdraconic creature (template)dragonkindragonnelelemental drake (air drakeearth drakefire drakeice drakemagma drakeooze drakesmoke drakewater drake) • faerie dragonfang dragonfelldrake, spikedghostly dragongolem (dragonbone golemdrakestone golemironwyrm golem) • half-dragonhoard scarablandwyrm (desert landwyrmforest landwyrmhill landwyrmjungle landwyrmmountain landwyrmplains landwyrmswamp landwyrmtundra landwyrmunderdark landwyrm) • planar dragon (battle dragonchaos dragonethereal dragonhowling dragonoceanus dragonpyroclastic dragonradiant dragonrust dragonstyx dragontarterian dragon) • shadow dragonskeletal dragonsquamous spewerstorm drakevampiric dragonzombie dragon
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