Draconomicon is a sourcebook set in the Forgotten Realms using the 2nd-edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, published in October 1990. It detail dragons in the Realms.

The creatures of lore and legend—of myth and mystery—only the dragons know the answers to the secrets and ciphers that surround them. But brave adventuring souls who have gone before have left behind clues and epistles with valuable information for anyone in pursuit of dragons. This tome is a compilation of the lifetime efforts of numerous dragon-hunting adventurers, presented to those who crave hints and leads for dragon-questing.


  • Chapter 1: Reference
  • Chapter 2: Geography
  • Chapter 3: Dragon Psychology
  • Chapter 4: Role-Playing Dragons
  • Chapter 5: Dragon Hall of Fame
  • Chapter 6: New Dragon Species
  • Chapter 7: Magic
  • Chapter 8: Hunter's Guide
  • Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Information
  • Adventures
    • The Millennium Dragon
    • Invitation to a Robbery
    • The Servants of the Verdant Cloud
    • Draco Holy Wars



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