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The Dracorage mythal was created during the Time of Dragons by High mages of the Fair Folk. This High Magic effect tied a Faerûn-wide mythal to the King-Killer Star.[1]

The Dracorage mythal encompassed roughly a 250,000 square mile area where the King-Killer Star is visible over Faerûn and caused all dragon and dragon-blooded creatures to slowly become more agitated and reckless, eventually becoming little more than raging beasts. This effect lasted for ten to sixty days.[2]


There were few means to stop the effects of the Dracorage mythal completely by natural or magical methods. Most spells were ineffective and even wish or miracle spells only mitigated the effects if cast daily. The extremely rare spell abate Dracorage was perhaps the most effective spell in calming the effect of the Dracorage.[3]

Beyond these limited magical means the only other reprieve is leaving the area of the Dracorage mythal completely.[3]


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