Dradeel was an elven wizard and the only surviving member of the explorer Balduran's last crew.[1]


Dradeel was on board Balduran's ship when it arrived at Balduran's Isle in the Trackless Sea. However, they were hunted by the many lycanthropes that lived on the isle. He became trapped in his house, besieged by werewolves. Eventually, in 1368 DR, Gorion's Ward and party found him and helped him recover his spellbook.[1]

The experience left Dradeel suffering from severe paranoia and delusions, a dangerous combination with his remaining magical powers. As a result, he was institutionalized in Spellhold. He was evidently killed in 1369 DR while aiding Gorion's Ward in a battle against Jon Irenicus.[2]



  1. In Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, Dradeel is a neutral good level 20 mage. In Baldur's Gate II, however, he is a chaotic neutral level 16 mage. This article follows the latter, newer source.



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