Dragon's Eye was a large volcanic structure, identifiable by its huge toothed maw and glowing "eye".[1][2]


First FloorEdit

The first floor was dimly lit, with few torches scattered around its caverns. Many creatures made Dragon's Eye their home. Trolls, lizardmen, beetles, and several types of spiders resided here. A lizardman king commanded his subjects from his cavern, which was also where the captured villagers from Kuldahar were kept.[1]

Second FloorEdit

Similar in its cavernous structure, the second floor contained the same creatures as the first floor, but was also home to some Talonite priests. A huge lair of bombardier beetles could also be found here. A stone dais in a large well-lit cavern stood out, surrounded by clerics of Talona. Mother Egenia, head priestess of Ilmater, was to be sacrificed here.[1]

Third FloorEdit

Undead, especially wights, skeletons, and zombies, roamed the area of the third floor. It was littered with traps and wards, and had a pungent stench of rotting flesh. A subterranean river divided the cavern in half, with bridges connecting the two regions. A priestess named Presio made her home here, where she summoned and commanded the restless undead.[1]

Fourth FloorEdit

The fourth floor hosted a Temple of Eldath, covered in several tapestries and rugs. The priests of this temple seemed to be non-hostile and allowed visitors to rest and be healed, if they so wished. However, it turned out that this was just a ruse. In fact, the priests were actually lizard men and yuan-ti, in disguise. A high summoner and ritualist, deep within the temple, summoned several waves of such creatures. The high ritualist let slip that Yxunomei, the evil marilith leader, had the Heartstone Gem.[1]

Final FloorEdit

The final floor was where Yxunomei resided, and kept the Heartstone Gem. The chambers here held a large array of traps, including poison dart traps. The floor contained a torture chamber, which led to a hidden room. A group of adventurers slew Yxunomei, and recovered the legendary gem.[1]




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