The Dragon's Teeth, or Lui Do-pah were the straits lying between the Koryo Peninsula in Koryo and the island of Ryuten in Kozakura, in Kara-Tur. It linked the Sea of Kozakura and the ganra ye-do.[1][2] They lay south of Paektu-san.[3]


Consisting of tangled reefs, unreliable shoals, and even shifting islands, the Dragon's Teeth were well named as a danger to shipping. Worse, they extended for hundreds of miles and were considered to be wholly unnavigable.[3]


The reefs had wrecked many ships, killing many sailors and taking the fortunes of kings down to the seafloor. They were thought to be a curse on sailors, that all cursed ships were drawn to their dooms in the Dragon's Teeth. Stories told of ghost ships drifting through the straits and hideous sea dragons that would emerge from the waves to devour whole crews.[3]


Around 1350 DR, when a tsunami wrecked the secret armada of the king of Silla, Meo Cha and Meo Li considered themselves very lucky not to get lost in Lui Do-pah.[3]



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