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Dragon+ issue 1 was released on April 30, 2015. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Elemental Evil: Unearth the Deception[]

By Matt Chapman. p. 6

A look at the various enemies and products in the Elemental Evil storyline. [citation template]

Travel Talk: The Dessarin Valley[]

By Melisande Calador p. 8

An in-character travelogue by the ranger Melisande Calador, describing various sites and sights in the Dessarin Valley. [citation template]

Profile: Goliaths[]

By Chris Lindsay p. 9

A description of the goliath race. [citation template]

Sword Coast Legends[]

By Dan Tudge p. 10

A preview of the video game Sword Coast Legends, featuring Dan Tudge, president of the developing company n-Space. [citation template]

Player Factions: Our "Heroes"?[]

By Matt Chapman. p. 12

A brief description of each of the five factions players can align themselves with in the Elemental Evil storyline. [citation template]

Know Your Enemy: Black Dragons[]

By Bhric Kharas p. 14

An in-character guide to fighting dragons, narrated by monster hunter Bhric Kharas. Features the dragons Velathidros, Nurvureem, and Vartilingorix. [citation template]