Dragon+ issue 20 was released on June 7, 2018. It contains the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms.

Preview: Waterdeep: Dragon HeistEdit

By Matt Chapman. pp. 5

A preview of the upcoming adventure Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.[citation template]

D&D ClassicEdit

By Bart Carroll. pp. 9

Reprints of several previously printed pieces: "Pages from the Mages" from Dragon #62, "Welcome to Waterdeep" from Dragon #128, and the short story "Lord of the Darkways" from Dragon #390. Also included are excerpts on the Hand of Vecna from Eldritch Wizardry and the 1st-edition Dungeon Masters Guide.

Maps of the MonthEdit

By Bart Carroll, Cartography by Jared Blando. pp. 14

Several free maps from the adventures Out of the Abyss, The Rise of Tiamat, and Hoard of the Dragon Queen:[citation template]

Fiction: Secrets of the DeepEdit

By Mark Price and David Roomes. pp. 20

Short fiction piece set in Waterdeep.