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Dragon+ issue 20 was released on June 7, 2018. It contains the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms.

Preview: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist[]

By Matt Chapman. pp. 5

A preview of the upcoming adventure Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.[citation template]

D&D Classic[]

By Bart Carroll. pp. 9

Reprints of several previously printed pieces: "Pages from the Mages" from Dragon #62, "Welcome to Waterdeep" from Dragon #128, and the short story "Lord of the Darkways" from Dragon #390. Also included are excerpts on the Hand of Vecna from Eldritch Wizardry and the 1st-edition Dungeon Masters Guide.

Maps of the Month[]

By Bart Carroll, Cartography by Jared Blando. pp. 14

Several free maps from the adventures Out of the Abyss, The Rise of Tiamat, and Hoard of the Dragon Queen:[citation template]

Fiction: Secrets of the Deep[]

By Mark Price and David Roomes. pp. 20

Short fiction piece set in Waterdeep.