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Dragon+ issue 4 was released on October 16, 2015. It contains the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Discovering the Gold Box[]

By Susan Manley pp. 5

A look at several classic Realms video games. [citation template]

Winning Races: Duergar[]

By Jay Turner pp. 7

A short article on duergar. [citation template]

Travel Talk: Dare to Descend[]

By Melisande Calador pp. 8

An in-universe travelogue of the Underdark, penned by the scribe Melisande Calador. [citation template]

Neverwinter: Strongholds[]

By Matt Chapman pp. 11

An interview with the developers of the Neverwinter game about their Strongholds expansion. [citation template]

Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Belaphoss[]

By Matt Chapman. pp. 13

Information and game stats for the demon lord Belaphoss, featured in the game Sword Coast Legends. [citation template]

The Thweem[]

By Adam Lee. pp. 15

A short fiction piece by Adam Lee.

Interview: Jay Turner[]

By Matt Chapman. pp. 16

An interview with Jay Turner, narrative designer on Sword Coast Legends.

Tavern Tales: Adventurers League[]

By Greg Bilsland pp. 22

A look at the Rage of Demons storyline for the Adventurers League, and a free copy of the adventure Shackles of Blood. [citation template]