Dragon+ issue 9 was released on September 2, 2016. It contains the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Storm over NeverwinterEdit

By John Houlihan. pp. 5

An interview with developer Thomas Foss on the Storm King's Thunder module for Neverwinter. [citation template]

Imagine GiantsEdit

By John Houlihan. pp. 6

An interview with artist Tyler Jacobson. [citation template]

A Brief History of GiantsEdit

By Shannon Appelcline. pp. 8

An article on the evolution of giants through the various editions of Dungeons & Dragons. [citation template]

The Devil You KnowEdit

By John Houlihan. pp. 9

An interview with Erin M. Evans, and an excerpt of her novel The Devil You Know. [citation template]

A Man & His DogEdit

By Bart Carroll. pp. 20

A Forgotten Realms short fiction piece.



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