Dragon Falls was a waterfall in the Vast, lying on the Fire River. It gave its name to the nearby village of Dragon Falls.[1][2]


The Dragon Falls began at a spring and cascaded over a bluff alongside the North Road, before joining the Fire River.[1] [note 1]


Local legend says the falls were once home to a powerful red dragon, Halarglautha Firewings, who once rampaged across the Vast and gave both Fire River and Dragon Falls their names. Halarglautha's reign of terror finally ended when she was slain by the spells of a band of human adventurers, and her lair was destroyed, along with much of her treasure.

However, plenty of treasure remained and the survivors took possession of the dragon's hoard of coins. They founded the nearby village of Dragon Falls with the wealth.[2][1]



  1. Although both the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting: A Grand Tour of the Realms (2nd edition) and The City of Ravens Bluff imply that the Dragons Falls are those on the Fire River itself, the latter source makes it clear that this is a separate waterfall.


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