Dragon Annual 1 was published by TSR, Inc. in December of 1996. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Ecology of the WyvernEdit

By Spike Y. Jones, Illustrated by Scott Rosema. p. 8-12

A scholarly treatise on the Wyvern. [citation template]

Arcane Lore: Scrolls of the Ice MageEdit

By Anne W. Davis, Illustrated by Storn Cook. p. 26-30

Frosty new spells for all wizards. [citation template]

The Dragon's Bestiary: Predators of the UnderdarkEdit

By Keith Strohm, Illustrated by James Holloway. p. 35–43

The reason you should be afraid of the dark. [citation template]

Rogues Gallery: In Silver ShadowsEdit

By Elaine Cunningham. p. 41-43

From the pages of Silver Shadows come three new heroes. [citation template]

Campaign Classics: The ScroEdit

By Roger E. Moore, Illustrated by Mark Nelson. p. 44-52

The Chosen of Dukagsh are poised to invade worlds in any crystal sphere. A Spelljammer Monster for Groundling Campaigns. [citation template]

Forgotten Realms introductionEdit

By Ed Greenwood. p. 53

The new kingdom of the north deserves a grand palace.

Gem of the North: The high palace of AlustrielEdit

By Steven Schend, Illustrated by Lorelle Ahlstrom. p. 54-60

The new kingdom of the north deserves a grand palace.

Deckbuilding RevisitedEdit

By Jim Butler. p. 109-112

Tuning your Spellfire deck for competition or just for fun. [citation template]



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