Dragon Annual 5 was published by Wizards of the Coast in December of 2000. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

By Any Other Name (Part One): Sages, Shops, and SmithiesEdit

By Owen K.C. Stephens. p. 10

A method to generate a type of place first, followed by the name.

By Any Other Name (Part Two): TavernsEdit

By Christopher West. p. 14

A method to generate the name before the type of establishment.

Fresh StartsEdit

By Chris Wilkes, Illustrated by Terry Dykstra. p. 18

Twenty ways to launch new adventures.

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Secrets of the Master SmithsEdit

By Christian Paul McLeod, Illustrated by Arnie Swekel. p. 28–30

A look at new building materials and masterwork items. [citation template]

The Dragon's Bestiary: Children of TharizdunEdit

By James Jacobs, Illustrated by Paolo Parente. p. 32-37

Who knows what terrible fiends still lurk in undiscovered cult temples from the time of the Dark God? [citation template]

After the Dragon: The Kingdom of Cormyr TodayEdit

By Ed Greenwood, Illustrated by Rob Hinds. p. 58-68

A fragmentary review of the situation at court in Cormyr right after the events of Death of the Dragon.

Ecology of the FeyrEdit

By Kevin N. Haw, Illustrated by Dennis Cramer. p. 96-101

A scholarly treatise on the Feyr. [citation template]

Forgotten Realms Survival GuideEdit

By Sean K. Reynolds. p. 102-107

Your primer to the new Forgotten Realms campaign setting. [citation template]

Rogues Gallery: Heroes of Myth DrannorEdit

By Carrie A. Bebris, Illustrated by Dev Madan. p. 108-112

The Cult of the Dragon takes center stage. [citation template]



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