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Wield the Legendary Power of Dragons

Throughout history, dragons have displayed many grand and mysterious powers. Now, the secrets of these ancient talents are revealed at last! Learn to harness the magic, the vigor, the grandeur, and the pure destructive fire of dragonkind, and achieve a level of power undreamt of ... until now.

This D&D supplement presents an unprecedented variety of new options for your character, including new prestige classes, feats, spells, psionic powers, invocations, soulmelds, magic items, companion spirits, and alternative class features, each one drawing on some element of draconic might. It presents a new standard class, the dragonfire adept, who combines a potent breath weapon with various magical invocations. It reveals many new ways to wield the magic of dragons, including draconic auras, dragonpacts, and draconic racial variants. For the DM, this book also provides dragon-themed adventure seeds and campaign ideas, magical locations to explore, and new options for making dragons more powerful and exciting.


  • Nearly a hundred new spells
  • 7 new prestige classes
  • 10 new monsters
  • dozens of new feats and items



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