The Dragon Tower was a wizard's tower in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep.[1]


The tower was located on the west side of the Street of the Singing Dolphin.[1]


The Dragon Tower was so-named because the top of the tower was shaped to resemble a rampant dragon, complete with smoke coming out of its nostrils and mouth from the chimneys within. One of its owners, Maaril the Dragon Mage, was also known to ride a dragon out of the mouth of the Dragon Tower.[1][2]

Rumors, confirmed by Elminster, said that the tower contained many enchanted guardians trapped by Maaril. The lower levels were also said to contain magical pools that could confer magical powers or dissolve flesh and bone instantly. It was also rumored that some of Maaril's former female apprentices had been drained of life by magic and turned into wraiths to roam the tower's interior.[2]


The Dragon Tower was once owned by the wizard Lhoril. There she taught several apprentices until one turned on her and summoned a demon to murder her in an alley.[3][4]

Maaril the Dragon Mage took over the tower from Lhoril sometime in the 14th century DR.[4]




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