The dragon blade was a magical greatsword from Rashemen whose origins and creation were associated with silver dragons. It possessed a powerful enchantment and was particularly deadly in the hands of those individuals who entered into frenzies or rages while in combat.[1]


The hilt of the sword resembled the head of a silver dragon, inset with two sapphires in place of its eyes.[1]


The dragon blade was a +3 greatsword that chilled and slowed any foe it struck. It was exceptionally lethal when wielded by berserkers and barbarians, particularly those of Rashemi heritage.[1]


The tale of the dragon blade states it was originally gifted to a Rashemi warrior after they fought in a battle along side an actual silver dragon. Although the details were lost to the ages, it was said he fought with great bravery and valor.[1]

By the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, the blade came into the possession of the warrior Rigah and accompanied him on his dejemma to the Sword Coast.[1] Although it was unknown how Rigah was separated from his sword, by the following year, the dragon blade found its way to the lair of the red dragon Firkraag, located beneath the Windspear Hills.[2]



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