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Dragon eels were massive aquatic creatures related to dragons.[2]


Dragon eels were 20 feet (6.1 meters) long and more than 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms) in weight. They were covered in silvery scales and had a fin running down their spine, with pairs of smaller, hook-tipped fins along the belly, as well as a pair of ray-like "wings". The head was blunt and streamlined.[1][2]


Dragon eels were greedy, duplicitous creatures with a taste for humanoid flesh.[1][2]


Dragon eels were known to have blindsense while underwater. Other reports spoke of more fantastical powers, such as being able to fly during storms and discharging electricity from their mouths.[1][2]


Dragon eels would attack ships by ramming them below the waterline, then swallowing the drowning victims whole. They would bite and tail-slap opponents as well.[1][2]


Dragon eels lived in the oceans. They were known to negotiate with ship captains over safe passage, but they were also liars and some of the ships they negotiated with vanished anyway.[1][2]

Dragon eels typically spoke the Aquan and Draconic languages; smarter ones also spoke Common and Sahuagin.[2]

Dragon eels were solitary creatures, not even tolerating each other's presence except when mating and raising young. They were also known to prey on dragon turtles.[2]



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